Professional Fit Services

Greg works to check hip flexibility
Checking angles and fit on the custom size-cycle
Lasers, funny dots, and angles!
Checking seat pressure distribution
Seat Mapping
Image capture technology in use

Hodson's Bay Professional Fit Services

A new standard in performance, comfort, and efficiency

Hodson's Bay takes bicycle fit very seriously - we've redesigned our shop floor with a special space dedicated just to fitting. We've sent our fitter to schools all over the country to take part in hundreds of hours of training from the very best in the business. We're excited to bring this service to our customers right here in West Lafayette. 

Who do we fit?

Everyone. Casual riders looking for more comfort, road riders looking for extra performance, triathletes seeking an aerodynamic advantage, mountain bikers looking for improved handling ... anyone can benefit from a professional bike fit. 

What kind of equipment do you use?

We have a variety of equipment that allows us to fit riders using a series of methods. Our custom "size-cycle" allows the fitter to make micro-adjustments to your stem, seat height, handlebar height, handlebar distance, and much more - all within seconds - no swapping of parts needed. 

We also have other great technologies like pressure mapping for your saddle, lasers to measure alignment, and 60fps image capture to measure angles using a specialized computer program.

How do we fit?

Each fit begins with an interview - we want to know how you ride and if we need to worry about any injuries. We also learn what you're trying to get out of the fit - performance, comfort, efficiency, or a combination?

Next, we do a physical assessment of your flexibility and strength. This helps us to understand what body position you can handle on your bike.

Then, we measure your feet, arches, and check your shoes and cleats, making adjustments as necessary.

Once you're on the bike, we check dozens of factors to adjust your body and bike in whatever way necessary. We'll take the time to make sure everything is set up just right - and listen to you for any feedback we can use.

Finally, we review your fit results with you and answer any questions you may have. We're also happy to follow up with you after a few weeks if you need any further adjustments made. 

What if I don't have a bike yet?

That's fine - we can do the fit on your existing bike or on our size-cycle. If you like what you have now, we can work with that. If you're in the market, we'll size you up on the size-cycle and tell you which models of bikes will fit you best.

How much does it cost?

Pricing varies depending on the type of fit and any extras that you'd like to have included in the fit. Please call Greg at (765) 743-3506 to get exact pricing and to schedule a time for your fit. We typically do fittings during the evening, after the shop has closed, both during the week and on weekends!